THE NORTHWOODS **feature film in development


Robyn in an attractive 24 year old woman who has a hundred thousand Instagram followers and ten dollars in her bank account.  From the outside her life is an endless stream of parties, friends and excess; a carefully constructed facade that hides her lack of direction and identity.  A day in her life reveals that she is at a crossroads, struggling to choose between the challenges and monotony of "real life" or the instant gratification offered by her perfect online persona.  She must appraise the value of her fleeting social status and attempt to discover her true worth, 


A young woman struggling to come to terms with a traumatic sexual experience finds herself in competition with her roommate over the same man. Over the course of one night, a startling discovery forces her to confront her past and re-evaluate her relationships.

Responding to a routine crime scene, Detective Becket learns that it's the small choices that ultimately define the kind of life you lead.

After the unexpected death of their father, Sonya and Aly decide to honor his memory by setting off on an adventure to hike the vast forests of Norway where they were raised.  Led by a savvy local guide, the sisters attempt to explore one of the most dangerous and uncharted areas in the world while managing their grief and reconnecting once again with each other.  However, the beauty of the natural world is matched only by it's unpredictability and violence as they soon find themselves alone, freezing and falling prey to a cruel and mysterious hunter.  

As the ill-fated hikers struggle for their lives, they begin to realize that something much worse than death lurks in the dark places of the world.